Best Double Eyelid Surgery Results Of Korean Celebrities

Best double eyelid surgery results of Korean celebrities go viral on the internet. In South Korea, eyelid surgery is very frequent even among common people. For entertainers, especially actors, it is very important to have expressive facial features. So no wonder that celebrities with mono eyelids go under the knife for double eyelid surgery. Some of them were seeking for best double eyelid surgery results because they feel insecure about their appearance, while others do cosmetic operations because they are advised so by their agencies. Korean female celebrities who are believed to have best double eyelid surgery results include former member of SISTAR Hyolyn, Hyomin from T-ara, Hyeri from Girl’s Day, actresses Yoo In-na, Lee Min-jung, Park Min-young and so on. Some of them admitted to receiving cosmetic operation while others did not comment on rumours on the internet. Please take a look at before/after photos and see for yourself if there is a difference.

< Hyomin before and after >

< Park Min-young before and after > 

< Yoo In-na before and after >

< Hyeri before and after >

< Lee Min-jung before and after >

< Hyolyn before and after >

< Lee Dong-wook before and after >

< Park Hyo-shin before and after >

Best double eyelid surgery results also include men. It is common for male celebrities in Korea to enhance their looks with plastic operations. For example, ballad singer Park Hyo-shin admitted to receiving cosmetic operation on his mono eyelids and seems to be satisfied with his best double eyelid surgery results. Lee Dong-wook famous by his role in Goblin also has double eyelid, though in his earlier photos he had mono eyelids. Lee Dong-wook’s facial change enhanced his career and received favourable reaction from his fans.

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