The Best Nipple Reduction In Korea

Best nipple reduction brings desired cosmetic effect to both men and women. It is requested by people with long, wide or puffy nipples. After best nipple reduction, it is possible to regain confidence even when wearing fitting clothes.

Best nipple reduction incisions and suturing methods vary by different plastic surgery hospitals. They are chosen based on nipple shape and on patient’s desire to preserve mammary duct or not. Some of best nipple reduction methods make breastfeeding impossible while others do not affect it. It is necessary to discuss this question with plastic surgeon during one-on-one consultation. Best nipple reduction is quick and simple. It takes up to thirty minutes for each nipple, and about 1 hour in total. Surgical invasion is minimal, so you can go back to daily routine right after the surgery.

Best nipple reduction can be done in many plastic surgery centres. Excellent plastic surgeons specialising in breast surgery will create the shape and size you wish for.

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