Best Nose Augmentation Doctor And His Work

Best nose augmentation is performed with many plastic surgeons in Korea. You can find excellent doctors specialised in primary and revision rhinoplasty in Korea. Best surgeons are Dr. Sung-ki Min, Dr. Min-huyk Lee, Dr. Jin-joong Kim, Dr. Seung-il Ha and others.

Best nose augmentation doctor Sung-ki Min is a member of Wonjin medical team specialising in rhinoplasty. At Wonjin, you can receive customised nose surgery that corresponds to each patient’s preferences.

Best nose augmentation doctor Min-huyk Lee established famous Cosharp clinic that specialises in rhinoplasty. You can receive excellent primary rhinoplasty as well as revision surgery. Dr. Min does not rely on excessive advertisement, and became famous by patients’ positive reviews.

Best nose augmentation doctors Jin-joong Kim and doctor Seung-il Ha are directors of Coanmi plastic surgery centre. This is yet another plastic surgery centre famous for its excellent rhinoplasty. Dr. Kim and Dr. Ha provide primary rhinoplasty and revision surgeries. They do their best to achieve natural and aesthetic results after previous botched surgery.

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Best nose augmentation in Korea raises nose bridge and changes nose shape so that it is harmonised with other facial features.

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