Best eye shape surgery

Types of best eye shape surgery are vary depending on the shape of eyes, level of fat, types of skin and age. 

The best eye shape surgery includes double eyelid surgery. Methods of the best eyelid surgery could be non incision double eyelid, partial incision double eyelid and full incision. Upon the consultation with specialist, they will decide what type of eyelid surgery you need depending on the level of fat on the eyelid or skin elasticity. Other best eye shape surgeries include epicanthoplasty and canthoplasty to widen the length of eyes like almonds. Since best eye shape surgery techniques are advanced, doctors have their own special know-hows for epicanthoplasty and canthoplasty. Best eye shape surgery makes incision inside of eye corners, so no scars are showing. Also, doctors make various shapes of lateral canthoplasty, and they will not stick together after many years through the best eye shape surgery. Best under eye shape surgery creates love band which gives little volume under your eyes to be youthful and cute. Ptosis correction is for sleepy eyes. It enhances the strength of eye muscle for better eye openings.


Best eye shape surgery varies, and you can always combine multiple eye shape surgeries at once to create beautiful and perfect eyes.

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