Best eyelid surgery

Best eyelid surgery combined with canthopalsty, epicanthoplasty and ptosis correction is very common in Asia. 

The best eyelid surgery takes 30 minutes to an 1 hour, and it doesn’t require hospitalization.

Best double eyelid plastic surgery will make your eyes look defined, large and clear. Upon on the initial consultation, best eyelid specialised doctors determine what type of eyelid surgery suits for you. There are 3 different surgical methods: non-incision, partial incision and full incision. In order to get the best eyelid surgery, you may add canthoplasty, epicanthoplasty, ptosis correction or under eye fat repositioning. Since the demanding is increased, methods, skills and know-hows are exceptional in Korea, and you can find the best eyelid surgery doctors. Plastic surgeons have different techniques and their own know-hows through rich clinical experience and research. 


The best eyelid surgery takes about a week to recover, and it keeps permanent results. 

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