Best double jaw surgery

Best double jaw surgery improves functional and aesthetic aspects together.

Best double jaw surgery is a collaboration of plastic surgery and oral surgery. Best double jaw surgery is for those who have long or short chin, asymmetrical face, protruding mouth, incorrect biting, abnormal chin, jaw bone disability and so on. 

Best double jaw surgery has usually two different methods one is SSRO and another one is IVRO. SSRO cuts lower jaw area, pushes back and adjusts to the face. Advantages of SSRO are it is safer, possible use of lower jaw right after the surgery, and corrects the short chin. Disadvantages of SSRO are it takes longer operation time, and heals slower. IVRO cuts jaw bones from the ear areas to the lower jaw, pushes back, and adjusts to face. The advantage of IVRO is jaw joint can move freely, so this is good for people who has disability on jaw joint and pain. Also, it takes shorter operation time, but jaw bones are not fixed, so it ties mouth together. 


Best double jaw surgery takes 2 to 3 hours of operation time and 2 weeks to recover. It is important to get the best double jaw surgery with a qualified doctor for safe and successful surgery results.

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