How much does it cost to have orthognathic surgery?

Orthognathic surgery cost is expensive because it is very complicated surgery. 

Orthognathic surgery cost ranges between 24,000,000 won (KRW) and 34,000,000 won. Orthognathic surgery is essential for those who have  overbites and want to improve facial line. 

Orthognathic surgery cost is higher because there are nerve holes on jaw bone and multiple professionals are involved, but it is a very effective to improve both aesthetically and functionally. You can get accurate orthognathic surgery cost after a detailed and analytic consultation with professionals. It is Tmmee’s pleasure to help you to get the plastic surgery at the right clinic at the right price for satisfying and safe surgery.

Tmmee is medical tourism corporation, and we have provided VIP services over 5 years such as offering medical tour visa, booking hotels and hospitals, transportation, translator, and most importantly being a family like manager for each client. 

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