Korean plastic surgery center: Banobagi Plastic Surgery Clinic

Banobagi plastic surgery clinic is a multi profile hospital where you can get all kinds of plastic surgeries done. It is best known for facial contouring surgery. 

Banobagi plastic surgery clinic was founded by four doctors: Ban, Jae-sang, Oh, Chang-hyun, Park, Sun-jae, and Lee, Hyun-taek. The hospital’s name is formed with their last names by combining them into one word. Each doctor specializes in different field: Ban, Jae-sang is responsible for body contouring, anti-aging and filler injection, Oh, Chang-hyun is responsible for facial contouring and two-jaw surgery, Park, Sun-jae, Lee, Hyun-taek are rhinoplasty and filler injections specialists. They have been working together as a team since 2002.

Banobagi plastic surgery clinic is oriented at patients’ safety. There are all kinds of services provided, including pre-operative checks and post-operative care. To make you feel even more safe, Banobagi provides information on operating doctors. Being multi-profile clinic, Banonagi provides all kinds of surgeries including eye surgery, rhinoplasty, breast surgery, body contouring, anti-age procedures, fillers and revision surgeries, but it is best known for its face contouring and two-jaw surgery, as well as unique skull reshaping techniques that can fix flat back of one’s head.

Banobagi is human-oriented hospital which will help you improve your looks and take the best care of you in the process.

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