Korean plastic surgery center: Top Class Plastic Surgery

Top Class Plastic Surgery is medical beauty centre striving to become the best in its field by providing the best treatment and services to the clients. It’s a multi-profile clinic famous for its rhinoplasty.

Top Class Plastic Surgery’s medical team consists only of experts from Seoul National University and Samsung Seoul Hospital. The hospital doesn’t use low quality products and keeps up with the time by using the latest technologies. Top Class Plastic Surgery’s goal is to be the no. 1 in beauty industry by providing the best treatment available.

The hospital’s two directors doctor Yong-Hoon Jeon and doctor Hyung-Joon Kim are both plastic surgery specialist deans. Top Class Plastic Surgery provides facial contouring, breast surgery, nose surgery, eye surgery, revision surgery, anti-aging treatment, body contouring, hair transplantation and wide range of injections including filler, botox, PRP and PPC. Injections and laser therapy make possible facial conturing without surgical invasion through the so-called triple V-line technique. 

Top Class Plastic Surgery is the right place for you fi you are looking for the best quality and service. 

Tmmee is medical tourism corporation, and we have provided VIP services over 5 years such as offering medical tour visa, booking hotels and hospitals, transportation, translator, and most importantly being a family like manager for each client. 

For more questions, please contact us. We are here to help all those who want to be beautiful outside also inside!  You can click 24hour online consultation chat on this website, or email us ( Also, you can contact us through facebook(@tmmee kim), instagram(@tmmee7), twitter(@tmmeekim) and wechat(@tmmeecn)!

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