Korean plastic surgery center: GNG Plastic Surgery

GNG Plastic Surgery is plastic surgery centre under larger medical institution also including ENT, maxillofacial and oral, anaesthesia and dermatology departments. 

It was director Do-Jin Hyun and director Yong-Hae Seong who started dividing the GNG hospital into functional and plastic surgery departments. Director Do-Jin Hyun specialises in sleep disorders while director Yong-Hae Seong is rhinoplasty expert.

Being a part of larger medical institution, GNG Plastic Surgery doesn’t focus on aesthetics only but also takes functional issues into account. At GNG Plastic Surgery you can get nose surgery, eyelid surgery and facial contouring. GNG Plastic Surgery provides best plastic surgery and all kinds of care services. 

GNG Plastic Surgery is there to make you look beautiful and help you to stay healthy.
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