Korean plastic surgery center: Namu Plastic Surgery and Dermatology

Namu plastic surgery and dermatology is known for no case of medical accidents since they were open. 

Namu plastic surgery provides honest and reasonable treatments, and they highly focus on client’s satisfaction. Also, medical doctors at Namu plastic surgery pay attention to new research and development needs. You can experience miracle at Namu plastic surgery with outstanding medical professionals such as the medical director, In soo, Kirk. He is member of many associations and societies of plastic surgery. Namu Plastic surgery and dermatology offer different types of plastic surgeries like facial contouring, rhinoplasty, blepharoplasty, mammoplasty, body contouring, anti-aging and even they have dermatologist.

Clients will have high satisfaction about the result, and they will be surprised by Namu’s customer service. Namu plastic surgery shares that miracle. 

Tmmee is medical tourism corporation, and we have provided VIP services over 5 years such as offering medical tour visa, booking hotels and hospitals, transportation, translator, and most importantly being a family like manager for each client. 
For more questions, please contact us. we are willing to help all those who want to be beautiful outside also inside!  You can click 24hour online consultation chat on this website, or email us ( Also, you can contact us through facebook(@tmmee kim), instagram(@tmmee7), twitter(@tmmeekim) and wechat(@tmmeecn)!



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