Korean plastic surgery center: Eight Plastic Surgery

Eight plastic surgery will do the best to find the ideal ratio to bring out the most beautiful 3 demential beauty from each individuals. 

The motive of eight plastic surgery centre is to present infinite beauty for every clients with their skilful specialized doctors, precise operations, post-op cares and lifetime client management system. There are 3 directors at Eight plastic surgery, and they are jon-hwa Kang, han-jo Kim and Hyun woo Cho. Eight plastic surgery doctors present superb plastic surgery results to clients with their endless research and study. You can get eye, nose, facial contouring, breast, body contouring, lifting, petit injections and skin therapy at Eight plastic surgery. Also, Eight plastic surgery is specialized for breast, eye and nose surgeries.

Eight plastic surgery brings out most natural beauty hid within you.

Tmmee is medical tourism corporation, and we have provided VIP services over 5 years such as offering medical tour visa, booking hotels and hospitals, transportation, translator, and most importantly being a family like manager for each client. 
​For more questions, please contact us. we are willing to help all those who want to be beautiful outside also inside!  You can click 24hour online consultation chat on this website, or email us ( Also, you can contact us through facebook(@tmmee kim), instagram(@tmmee7), twitter(@tmmeekim) and wechat(@tmmeecn)!

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