Korean plastic surgery center: Hushu Dermatology clinic

Hushu dermatology clinic in Korea specialised in botox, fillers, rejuvenating injections, dermatology, body clinic and facelift.

Hushu dermatology clinic is located in Gang nam, Seoul, and is doing its best to offer the best medical service. Specialised surgeons in hushu dermatology clinics have rich clinical experiences, cutting  edge technologies and equipment, FDA and KFDA approved surgical materials and systems to provide the safest treatments. Hushu dermatology clinic is trend leading medical beauty clinic, and also provides community contributing service for the public benefit. Many celebrities including K pop starts visited Hushu, and it is continuously researching and studying for better changes.

Hushu dermatology clinic respects all human beings, and provides premium medical services for people. 

Tmmee is medical tourism corporation, and we have provided VIP services over 5 years such as offering medical tour visa, booking hotels and hospitals, transportation, translator, and most importantly being a family like manager for each client. 

For more questions, please contact us. we are willing to help all those who want to be beautiful outside also inside!  You can click 24hour online consultation chat on this website, or email us ( Also, you can contact us through facebook(@tmmee kim), instagram(@tmmee7), twitter(@tmmeekim) and wechat(@tmmeecn)!

< Nicole from Kara visited Hushu clinic >


< Director at Hushu clinic >

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