Korean plastic surgery: Fat graft

Fat grafting is to add volume to flat, uneven and sunken areas for youthful appearance as well as liposuction effect.

Fat graft harvests excessive fat from stomach, thighs or other areas, and collected fat transforms into pure fat. Collected pure fat is injected into areas where need volumes. Fat graft has multiple advantages such as improving old appearance, balancing face and body shape and liposuction effect. Since it uses your own autologous fat, there is no side effect or negative reaction. Also, autologous cellular regeneration induces skin cell regeneration. Fat graft is minimal invasive procedure, so scars are rarely visible. Also, it has no risk of side effect, collected autologous fat produces high survival rate in fat graft, fast recovery, almost no swell and satisfied result. Treated areas for fat graft are flat forehead, under eye wrinkles or dark circles, temple, nose bridge, cheek, lip, asymmetric facial contour, short chin, nasolabial folds, back of the hand, small breast and buttocks augmentation. 

Fat graft puts volumes on needed areas as well as remove unwanted excessive fat from the body. It is important to choose a qualified doctor for satisfied and safe surgery.

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