Korean Plastic Surgery: Canthoplasty

Canthoplasty is a plastic operation of eye reshaping. While double eyelid surgery only opens eyes wider, canthoplasty actually changes their shape by removing very small portions of skin.

Canthoplasty is often made after double eyelid surgery in patients who wish for better cosmetic effect. The three types of canthoplasty include medial canthoplasty, lateral canthoplasty and lateral hotz surgery. Medial canthoplasty removes Mongolian fold in the inner corner of the eye, allowing for better eye opening and setting eyes closer to one another. Lateral canthoplasty elongates eyes by operating on outer eye corner. Lateral hotz lowers outer eye corner and provides better eye exposure through removing a small portion of lower eyelid. All these cosmetic operations help in creating rounder eyes with perfect almond shape. If you do it together with double eyelid surgery, you will not only reduce recovery period and expenses, but also will have better results.


Canthoplasty is seemingly a simple operation, but it actually requires precision and concentration from plastic surgeon. When it comes to eyelid surgery, doctor removes very small portions of skin. If you want to avoid botched job or recurrence, you should find professional with abundant experience. Fortunately in South Korea, there are many skilful plastic surgeons specialising in eyelid surgery.

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