Korean Plastic Surgery: Medial Canthoplasty

Medial canthoplasty is a plastic operation of eye elongation. Unlike lateral canthoplasty, it extends eyes in inner corner. Medial canthoplasty has no functional reasons and is made for cosmetic effect only.

Medial canthoplasty removes epicanthic fold in Asian patients. It is necessary if the red skin is completely covered, or on the contrary, when there is too much of it exposed. Medial canthoplasty is made in conjunction with double eyelid surgery for people with short eyes. Short eyes do not look big enough after double eyelid surgery alone, so it is necessary to elongate them to achieve desirable result. People whose eyes are set wide apart are perfect candidates for medial canthoplasty. After this plastic operation, their eyes not only become bigger, but also come in harmony with other facial features. Some methods of medial canthoplasty require suturing, while others do not.


Medial canthoplasty is a very delicate operation. You have to find professional plastic surgeon for medial canthoplasty to avoid evident scarring in the inner eye corner.

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