Korean Plastic Surgery: Nostril reduction

Nostril reduction surgical methods vary depend on the shape of nose. What is nostril reduction? nostril reduction is to reduce widely round nostril into smaller and pretty shape. 

Nostril reduction is for those who have flat appearance, arrowhead nose, dissatisfied with nose shape and huge wide nostrils.Reduced amount of nostrils will be decided based on the ideal ratio that rhinoplasty surgeons researched, and surgeons will also consider functions of nostrils such as breathing comfortable. There are two surgical methods for nostril reduction. One is cutting bottom of nose skin in a wedge shape and suture, but down side is scars maybe noticeable. Another method for nostril reduction is to incise inside of nose and tie and pull them together. This method is recommended for those who only have wide nostril. They use thread to tie and pull, and it lasts permanent. 

Nostril reduction is an effective rhinoplasty to make beautiful facial line and appearance while not ruining functions. It is important to have detailed consultation before the surgery for the successful surgery result.

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