Korean Plastic Surgery: Receding Hairline

Receding hairline is a cosmetic problem that more often occurs in men than women. There are different ways of combating receding hairline. While some people try to change lifestyle, take medications, conceive their hairline with certain types of hairstyle or even shave their hair off, others turn to doctors and receive permanent treatment.

Receding hairline can be congenital, or appear with age due to certain changes in human body. Middle-aged people have higher risk of developing receding hairline, though it can appear in young age too. Receding hairline can bee too high along its entire length, but sometimes only temples are affected. It is a serious cosmetic problem that visually enlarges forehead, making it disproportionally large, and hair looks like it lacks density, which creates aged appearance.

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Receding hairline can be corrected with forehead reduction surgery or hair transplantation. If hairline is asymmetrical, or when only temples are affected, it is possible to correct these problems with scalp pigmentation. The results of hair tattoo are semi-permanent while hair surgery gives permanent effect. Please be sure to find specialist who will choose the method appropriate to you and provide the outcome you wish for.

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