Korean plastic surgery: Eye shape plastic surgery

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Eye shape plastic surgery combined with double eyelid surgery is very effective. Types of eye shape plastic surgeries include ptosis correction, under eye fat re-positioning, canthoplasty, epicanthoplasty and more.

Double eyelid surgery makes creases on the mono eyelids, but getting eye shape plastic surgery together creates the maximised synergy to have perfect, beautiful and almond shape eyes. Ptosis correction is suitable to correct asymmetrical and sleepy eyes. Also, under eye fat repositioning solves droopy and saggy fats under eyes, and results rejuvenated look. Canthoplasty and epicanthoplasty are effective to lengthen eye lengths to create even bigger eyes.

Eye shape plastic surgery is a great procedure to improve overall impression, and It is vital to have eye shape plastic surgeries with a high skilled doctor with many clinical experiences. 

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