Korean plastic surgery: Forehead plastic surgery

Forehead plastic surgery makes volumes on the forehead to create youthful appearance.

Forehead plastic surgery is for those who have uneven, flat, narrow foreheads and protruded eyebrows. There are different surgical methods of forehead plastic surgery. Methods are inserting implants, autologous fat graft, fillers or hair transplant. Benefits of forehead plastic surgery are giving volumes on the forehead, and creates beautiful facial lines from the hairline to cheekbones. 

Forehead plastic surgery usually take 30 minutes with 3 to 5 days of recovery period. Forehead plastic surgery using implants gives definite volumes. Autologous fat graft causes no side effects because your own fat is used. Another method of forehead is hair transplant. Hair transplant using your own hair or scalp incision surgery will be performed depending on the shape of your hairline.

Forehead plastic surgery requires certified doctors with a good aesthetic sense. It is important to choose a qualified doctor.


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