Korea plastic surgery: Teardrop Implant Breast Surgery

Teardrop implant breast surgery, also referred to as water drop implant breast surgery sometimes, is one of the two types of breast augmentation classified by implant shape. Teardrop implant has more volume in lower part, and does not make breast look artificial.

Teardrop implant breast surgery was introduced after round implants. It is recommended by doctors for more natural looks. One of the teardrop implant breast surgery’s advantages is that it does not only makes chest bigger, but can also correct some minor shape irregularities and slight droopiness.
Teardrop implant breast surgery is appropriate for women with flat breasts and low nipples. However, it is worth mentioning that there are cases when teardrop implant breast surgery would be insufficient. You should see experienced doctor who would choose the implant shape perfect just for you to get satisfactory results. 

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