Korea plastic surgery: Lateral Hotz Canthoplasty

Lateral hotz canthoplasty is a plastic surgery of lowering outer eye corner. If outer eye corner is much higher than the inner corner, eyes look sharp and short. This is the case when lateral hotz canthoplasty is required. It usually complements epicanthoplasty or lateral canthoplasty, if the result is still not satisfactory after these surgeries. Also, lateral hotz canthoplasty serves as an alternative way of elongating eyes if outer corner extension surgery is impossible.

Lateral hotz canthoplasty lowers the outer eye corner. Incisions made in inner conjunctiva measure only a couple of millimeters. Sutures after lateral hotz canthoplasty are made in the place where the scars will not be seen. 

Lateral hotz canthoplasty is very delicate procedure which can soften your image and make eyes bigger and brighter. It should be done only by experienced plastic surgeon. 

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