Cute Friends Service Package

Original $487 USD ->  Special price $244 USD

Name of Service



1. Hotel Reservation

Free reservation service


2. Hospital Reservation

Free reservation service

Including 2-3 Clinics Visit

3. Medical History

Check information about medicines taking, surgery histories etc

4. Medical Tour Visa

Provide Korean medical tour visa (if necessary)

5. Airport Pick Up

Free pick up within working hour (After working hour extra $30 USD)

6. 1:1 Medical Translator 

Follow you to hospital for a day (9:00 am - 6:30 pm)

7. 1:1 Follow Up Visits

After surgery care, we will take you to follow up visits (Number of visits are depend on types of surgeries you had, and we will take you all)

8. Airport Drop Off

Free drop off within working hour (After working hour, extra $30 USD)

9.  After Surgery Check Up

Tmmee will check you up for 6 months after the surgery.