Plastic surgery in Korea- Orthognathic surgery: 4D balance two jaw surgery

4D balance two jaw surgery considers the function restoration of the jaw, perfect beauty and scientific detailed analysis. 4D two jaw surgery usually takes 2 hours of operation, 2-3days of hospitalisation and 2 weeks of recovery time. 4D two jaw surgery is for those who has protruded chin, asymmetric face, protruded mouth, revealing gum too much when smile, bite is incorrect and needs revision. 3D balance two jaw surgery improves both medical and cosmetic functions such as the facial line from nose tip to chin tip, slimmer face, correct bites, adjusting length of both upper and lower jaw and even beautiful smile line. To practice 3D balance two jaw surgery, it is essential to collect detailed bone structure and soft tissue datas, face contour analysis, 3D X-rays and so on.

4D balance two jaw surgery is very sophisticated two jaw surgery that change total impression of lower face and improve functions of bites and jaw, it is important to choose high skilled professionals for satisfied surgery result.

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