Plastic surgery in Korea- Facelift surgery: 88 facial lifting

88 facial lifting is an effective thread lifting that customised for individuals. 88 facial lifting is effective for sagging skin and minor wrinkles. Through 88 facial lifting, not only lifting facial parts upward but also skin and muscle to the original position and create slimmer and smoother facial contour effect without any invasive surgery. 88 facial lifting uses special thread called POD thread that dissolves into skin and creates collagen as it melts. POD thread is an absorbable medical thread that has been on clinical use for over 30 years. It usually takes unto 6 months to absorb the thread into body. POD thread is perfect for 88 facial lifting to remove minor wrinkles and sagging skin. Since the thread creates collagen, it also promotes skin rejuvenation and improve elasticity.

88 facial lifting is for those who are age 40s-50s with sagging skins, want v-line facial line, want to improve nasalabial folds and sagging cheek, jaw, buccal fat, under chin and neck wrinkles, and improve sagging skin with out invasive surgery. Also, you can combine 88 facial lifting and two jaw surgery or facial contouring for dual effects. 

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