Plastic surgery in Korea-Facelift surgery: Aqua lifting

Aqua lifting is one of rejuvenating cosmetic surgery methods to remove wrinkles and improve skins. Moisturisers applied on the surface of skin evaporates easily and only effective to outer skin, but aqua lift put moistures deep into the skin and bring surprising results. Aqua lifting is an anti age injection to maintain hydration, improve elasticity and lifts saggy skins. Aqua lifts injection is made of hyaluronic acid which is produced from human body to help maintaining moisture in the skin. Hyaluronic acid is effective to give volumes, elasticity and moisture into the skin. Benefits of aqua lifting is 1) improves freckles, dark circles, acne and atopic dermatitis 2) minimises pores 3) makes brighten, moisture and firm skim and lastly lifts saggy neck, breasts, lips and even hands.


Aqua lifting is easy procedure, but has ultimate effect of rejuvenation including regaining elasticity and bright skin tone. 

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