Plastic surgery in Korea- Fat graft surgery: QV fat graft

QV fat graft is quality + volume using top quality fats for optimised volume and lasts longer. Special centrifugation medical instrument is use to separate fats and only collects clean fats. QV fat graft has no side effect, and exclusively lasts for long period. QV fat graft results natural volume, minimum damage to skin and tissues and no recovery time is needed. QV fat graft is effective to make volumes on the forehead, under eye, front and side cheeks, nasolabial fold, front chin and temple vicinity. QV fat graft creates facial contouring effect, and even improves skin tone.

QV fat graft only takes 40 minutes and a week of recovery time. QV fat graft requires sophisticated skills with detailed data analysis. It is important to choose a doctor with many clinical experience to have successful at graft surgery result.

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