Plastic Surgery In Korea - Buccal Fat Removal Surgery

Buccal fat removal surgery is recommended to people with chipmunk cheeks. It removes portion of fats to make face slimmer.

Buccal fat removal surgery is performed on people concerned about big face due to chubby cheeks. As people age, cheeks start to sag which causes jowls and marionette lines. Buccal fat removal surgery reduces amount of fat to make slimmer face, and prevent facial wrinkles. Plastic surgeon incises cheek on the inner side of mouth, and removes a certain amount of fat pad. Remaining fat is placed back in anatomic position, and then cheek is sutured. The operation is made through intra oral incisions, so there are no visible scars left. It is recommended to combine buccal fat pad removal surgery with other cosmetic treatments such as facelift for long-lasting aesthetic effect.

Buccal fat removal surgery makes smaller and younger face. The operation should be done by plastic surgeon with great skills and aesthetic sense for sufficient cosmetic effect.

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