Plastic Surgery In Korea - Fat Graft Surgery

Fat graft surgery harvests a certain amount of patient’s autologous fat to use it in anti-aging treatment or body contouring. The most popular fat graft surgeries include face fat graft, vampire breast lift and Brazilian butt lift.

Fat graft surgery includes liposuction and subsequent fat injection. Fats are usually extracted from patient’s abdomen or thighs. Fat harvested with liposuction should be purified, and then it can be injected in desired areas. These days, fat graft surgery is very popular in body contouring, particularly breast and hip augmentation. Autologous fat can also be injected in one’s face, and it works similar as hyaluronic acid fillers. An advantage of fat graft is that autologous materials extracted from patient’s own body do not cause rejection reaction. The results are semi-permanent. To increase engraftment rate, fat graft can be enriched with stem cells or PRP.

Fat graft surgery improves body contour and helps to get rid of facial wrinkles. It should be done only by professional plastic surgeon to ensure satisfactory result.

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