Plastic Surgery In Korea - Two Jaw Surgery: ASO & 2 Jaw Surgery

Two jaw surgery and ASO are applicable to treat protruding mouth. It causes gummy smile and malocclusion, and some patients may also have long face or weak chin. Surgical methods are chosen based on the degree of protrusion and jaw structure. 

Two jaw surgery is effective in the case of moderate protrusion when patients have malocclusion. Upper and lower jaw bones should be cut and realigned to correct anatomic position. ASO is a surgery that can sometimes substitute two jaw surgery for mouth protrusion correction. It is effective in severe cases. Two upper and two lower teeth are removed, and then gum bones can be pushed back. In cases or protruding mouth with severe microgenia, it is necessary to do three jaw surgery which combines two jaw surgery and ASO.

Two jaw surgery and ASO are difficult operations that require high level of skills from operating surgeon. Surgical method should chosen by a board certified doctor.

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