Plastic Surgery In Korea - Body Contouring Surgery: Calf Reduction

Calf reduction surgery reduces overly developed calves. It makes slender long legs every woman dreams about.

Calf reduction surgery uses liposuction. However, this method works only on calf fat whereas many patients have overly developed calf muscles. In such cases, it is necessary to do calf reduction surgery that burns muscles with high frequency energy. Patients experience pain and swelling in the process of recovery, but when it heals, it is possible to enjoy permanent result. Those who do not want to have calf reduction surgery but still want to have slimmer legs can go for botox injections instead. Patients can go back to daily routine immediately after the procedure. However, botox lasts 6 month on average, so re-injection is required on a regular basis.

Calf reduction surgery considers individuals cases to achieve sufficient improvement. Please make sure to look for a board certified plastic surgeon to have results you are hoping for.

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