Plastic Surgery In Korea - Head Augmentation Surgery: Back Of Head Augmentation

Head augmentation surgery reshapes the shape of skull using bone cement. People may have inborn flat back of the head, or one’s skull can be deformed after injury. Head augmentation surgery fills flat back of the head to form harmonious skull shape.

Head augmentation surgery uses special material which does not cause rejection reaction, minimally resistant to X-rays, and is as hard as bone so that it can maintain its shape. It is called osteobond, or bone cement. Head augmentation surgery inserts this material through small incisions on the scalp. Before osteobond hardens, surgeon gives it desired shape. When it becomes hard, doctor sutures the wound. Head augmentation surgery does not require any hair removal. It is necessary to wear head bandage for three days after the surgery.

Head augmentation surgery creates perfect skull shape. You can find plastic surgery clinics providing back of the head surgery in South Korea.

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