Plastic Surgery In Korea - Cat Surgery

Cat surgery creates a perfect profile line by adjusting the angle between one’s nose and philtrum. Ideally, it should be equal to 90 degrees. Sunken philtrum ruins facial proportions even if you have a perfect nose shape. Nose tip looks droopy, and upper lip seems to be protruding. Cat surgery makes harmonious profile line by raising one’ s philtrum. 

Cat surgery uses different methods. It is possible to add volume to one’s philtrum by fillers or autologous fat graft. However, the effect of injections is temporary. It is necessary to apply implants for permanent results. Cat surgery inserts small implants through incision inside one’s mouth so that the scars are not visible.

Cat surgery visually corrects protruding lip and droopy nose tip. It is provided in excellent rhinoplasty clinics and large one-stop plastic surgery centres.

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