Plastic Surgery In Korea - Revision Of Double Eyelid Surgery

Revision double eyelid surgery corrects unfortunate results of botched primary operation. Double eyelid surgery is quick but very delicate. If doctor makes even the slightest mistake, the outcome can be really disappointing. 

Revision double eyelid surgery restores beauty of one’s eyes, and brings back lost self-confidence. Cases requiring revision surgery include asymmetry, sausage eyelids, ptosis, creases set to high or too low, multiple creases, excessive scarring, recurrence after canthoplasty and so on. Such things happen if a surgeon fails to adjust skin, muscles and fat in eyelids properly. Fortunately, it is possible to erase traces of botched surgery.

Revision double eyelid surgery can bring you the results you are hoping for. However, it is necessary to find the experienced plastic surgeon with deep understanding of human anatomy, high surgical skills and good aesthetic sense for the successful outcome.

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