Plastic Surgery In Korea - Scar Removal Surgery

Scar removal surgery is one of scar treatment methods. Small scars can be erased by laser. However, in severe cases, it is necessary to do scar removal surgery to achieve the desired improvement.

Scar removal surgery incises skin around the scar, and removes it. It is applied to large and dark scars that stand out too much especially hypertrophic and keloid scars. In such cases, scar removal surgery that makes new hardly noticeable scars can bring sufficient results. Incisions are made in W-shape, z-shape or oval shape. Immediately after the surgery, scar might still be red, but it will gradually fade in couple of months. If skin was damaged too much, scar removal surgery uses skin graft. Doctors choose the optimal site to harvest the graft, transplant skin and connect underlying blood vessels.

Scar removal surgery does not remove scar completely, but it can make it hardly noticeable. With proper surgical method and post operative care, you will have great improvements.

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