Plastic Surgery In Korea - Buccal Fat Pad Removal Surgery

Buccal fat pad removal surgery reduces chipmunk cheeks and makes slimmer face. It is recommended to people who have chubby cheeks from birth, or to those whose cheeks became saggy after facial contouring surgery. Buccal fat pad is located deeply under the skin, so it is hard to be treated with liposuction. Quick and simple buccal fat pad removal surgery can bring the desired results.

Buccal fat pad removal surgery takes up to 20 minutes. The operation makes tiny incisions inside one’s mouth. A surgeon cuts the necessary amount of fat pad, and returns it back to anatomic position. After buccal fat pad removal surgery, face becomes slimmer.

Buccal fat pad removal surgery is quick and simple operation. However, it is essential to find a professional plastic surgeon to achieve the desired aesthetic outcome.

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