Plastic Surgery In Korea - Fat Graft Surgery: QV Fat Graft

QV fat graft stands for ‘quality + volume’. It restores skin to be healthy and smooth, and increases engraftment rate for maximal effect.

QV fat graft uses only the best quality fats. It is extracted from the body through liposuction, and then centrifuged to get pure fat cells. QV fat graft uses a thin needle to inject purified fats into face. It makes smooth and tight skin with no bumps or wrinkles. QV fat graft is applicable to forehead, lower eyelids, nasolabial folds, cheeks, chin and temple. It works similar to dermal fillers. However, fats extracted from patient’s own body do not cause side effects. 

QV fat graft results depend on a doctor who operates. The plastic surgeon must be patient and attentive to details to achieve natural results.

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