Plastic Surgery In Korea - Nasolabial Fold Implant Surgery

Nasolabial fold implant surgery helps to forget about smile lines around mouth. It inserts implants to smooth out deep facial wrinkles.

Nasolabial fold implant surgery erases wrinkles around the mouth called smile lines. They appear if you smile very often or due to ageing, and become deeper over time. This area can be treated with fillers or fat graft. However, these methods are effective if wrinkles are not too deep, and their effect is temporary or semi-permanent. To achieve permanent results, it is necessary to do nasolabial fold implant surgery. It is effective even in the case of deep wrinkles. Nasolabial fold implant surgery inserts small implants through incisions inside the mouth so that scars are invisible.

Nasolabial fold implant surgery erases tired expression from your face, and allows to look a couple years younger. Please make sure to find a professional plastic surgeon to avoid side effects.

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