Plastic Surgery In Korea - Rhinoplasty Surgery

Rhinoplasty surgery reshapes the nose to achieve the desirable shape. Nose stands in the middle of the face, so it defines the whole facial expression. Perfect nose shape is straight and symmetric, with well defined tip and high nose bridge. Rhinoplasty surgery recreates this shape for cosmetic or medical reasons in people who are not satisfied with original nose, are inborn defects and are disfigured after injury.

Rhinoplasty surgery uses silicone implants on nose bridge and autologous cartilages on nose tip to augment the nose. Cases requiring nose augmentation include low nose bridge and short nose. Reductive rhinoplasty surgery is helpful for people with nasal humps and long noses. It cuts unnecessary portions of nasal bone and/or septum, and provides firm support to nose tip to prevent droopiness.

Rhinoplasty surgery corrects cosmetic defects and functional diseases. Satisfactory results are possible after having surgery only with professional rhinoplasty surgeons.

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