Plastic Surgery In Korea - Facial Contouring Revision Surgery

Facial contouring revision surgery is necessary if patient is not satisfied with the previous cosmetic results, or if any side effects occurred. It creates attractive V shaped jaw line, and erases the trace of botched primary surgery.

Facial contouring revision surgery is for patients who are not satisfied with their appearance after the first operation. If there is no significant improvement or the face is asymmetric, it is necessary to do the secondary bone surgery to achieve the desired outcome. Facial contouring revision surgery is also helpful when any side effects occur. These include sagging cheeks after cheekbone reduction or painful sensations. Facial contouring revision surgeries also address problems with implants, filers or fat grafts used on forehead or chin. 

Facial contouring revision surgery changes your appearance into desired shape. It is necessary to go to professional plastic surgeons who can make the precise diagnosis to correct mistakes of previous surgery.

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