Plastic Surgery In Korea - Fat Graft And Stem Cell: Rejuvenating Diamond Surgery

Stem cells are undifferentiated cells known for their regenerative potential. Stem cell therapy is widely used in cosmetic surgery particularly in skin treatment, revision nose surgery and fat grafting.

Stem cell fat graft material is harvested from patient’s own body. Purified fats are extracted from abdomen or thighs, and stem cells are taken from blood. Fats are partially reabsorbed to the body over time. Enriching fat graft with stem cells allows to increase engraftment rate. Stem cells help to develop new blood vessels, so fat cells receive more nutrients and increase viability. Stem cell fat graft allows to achieve the desired result in one session without further touch-up procedures.

Stem cell fat graft can be used  to reduce wrinkles instead of fillers. Autologous fat is a safe material because it is extracted from patient’s own body. With stem cells, it is possible to achieve long-lasting results.

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