Plastic Surgery In Korea - Double Jaw Surgery

Double jaw surgery is a cosmetic and medical operation that creates heathy bite and attractive appearance. It treats many diseases, and improves jaw line significantly.

Double jaw surgery was originally a medical operation. When upper, lower, or both jaw bones are disproportional, it causes a condition called skeletal malocclusion. Teeth do not bite properly when the mouth is closed. This can lead to eating disorders, speech difficulties, joint pain, dental and orthodontic problems. In addition, jaw abnormalities cause various facial disproportions such as long face, receding chin, jutting jaw, asymmetry and others. This is why double jaw surgery became plastic operation. Unlike orthodontists, plastic surgeons focus not only on oral functions but also on the outer appearance. Balanced double jaw surgery brings maximum satisfaction to patients.

Double jaw surgery that addresses both functional and aesthetic aspects raises the quality of life. It is necessary to go to professional doctors to get improvements you hope for, and avoid possible side effects.

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