Plastic surgery in Korea- Thread lift surgery types

Thread lift surgery can be done with variety of threads depend on your degree of aging.

Thread lift surgery is a one of rejuvenating plastic surgeries that removes wrinkles, skin elasticity, v-line slimmer jaw effect, collagen generation and very effective to lift overall facial impression. Thread lift surgery would be gold lifting which is a rejuvenating lifting surgery procedure for collagen generation, wrinkle removal and restore skin elasticity by inserting threads which is coated with nano gold particles on POD thread surface. Another thread lift surgery is whirlwind lifting which is stronger than previous method. Whirlwind shaped lifting is very effective to pull saggy skin and provides powerful lifting effect with good tension and able to pull by muscle naturally. 

Other thread lift surgeries are ultra V lifting surgery that uses dissolvable thread, v-lifting surgery that uses specialised thread has strong tensile, wint lifting surgery which uses 360 degree barbed thread for tight fixation and so on. It is important to get the thread lift surgery with skilful doctor for safe and successful surgery result.

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