Plastic surgery in Korea- Smart body contouring surgery

Smart body contouring surgery is total body contouring surgery to remove excessive fats and striae distensae together. Smart body contouring surgery has 4 beneficial points such as creating ideal proportioned body line, removing striae distensae and saggy skins, almost invisible scars and reconstructing the location and shape of belly button.

Smart body contouring surgery requires detailed and sophisticated surgery skills. When liposuction performed roughly, this will destroy tissues and muscles nearby and might damage blood vessel and cause excessive bleeding. Smart body contouring surgery is for those who want fat reduction on facial area, adipose edematosa, whole body obesity, hyperhidrosis and gynecomastia. Smart body contouring surgery is one-on-one customised surgery to suitable to one’s body, and types of smart body contouring surgery are breast surgery, nipple reconstruction, liposuction and abdomen plastic surgery. 


Smart body contouring surgery makes slim and perfect beautiful body line, and has high satisfied result through customised surgery. It is essential to choose a highly skilled doctor for safe and successful surgery.

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