Plastic surgery in Korea-Nose and philtrum surgery

Nose and philtrum surgery is also called cat surgery to create perfect facial line and three demential look. Nose and philtrum surgery focus on the area where nose and philtrum meet by lifting up the droopy philtrum. 

Nose and philtrum surgery together are very effective to have defined lip line and attractive vivid facial impression. Also, it will help to balance and harmonise facial features. Nose and philtrum surgery are for those who have droopy philtrum or nose tips, flat and dull facial impression and want to improve volumes on the front and side of face. Nose and philtrum surgery usually take 2-3 hours of operation time under local anaesthesia and  1-2 weeks of recovery time. 


Nose and philtrum surgery need to be performed under professional rhinoplasty surgeon after detailed consultation and pre operation data analysis.

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