Plastic Surgery In Korea - Facial Contouring Surgery

Facial contouring is plastic surgery for changing face shape. If you are dissatisfied with face that looks chubby because of masculine square jaw or prominent cheekbones, facial contouring is a good choice for you.

Facial contouring is known for creating perfect V-line shape. People with square jaw undergo this surgery to shave off mandibular angles and create sharper chin tip. For better results of facial contouring, people often do zygoma reduction as well. That creates compete oval shape of a perfect doll face. Fixation pins that remain after osteotomy do not have contraindications, so it is up to you to remove them after 6 months or leave them be.

Facial contouring can correct severe problems such as face asymmetry, jutting jaw or receding chin. Asymmetry can be corrected with mandibular surgery which is done on lower jaw bone. Facial contouring for more severe cases requires two jaw surgery. It is necessary in case of overbite or underbite. Two jaw surgery is done not only for facial contouring, but also for medical reasons. You will also need orthodontic treatment before or after plastic operation.

Facial contouring is challenging surgery that requires high medical skills and aesthetic sense. Make sure to find the best specialists to be confident about the results.

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