Plastic Surgery In Korea - Jaw Surgery

Jaw surgery is necessary for treating protruding mouth, long or short chin, and these could be corrected through two jaw surgery. However if upper jaw is not affected, mandibular surgery can bring sufficient cosmetic and medical effect.

Jaw surgery is made in two basic methods. One of them is called SSRO (sagittal split ramus osteotomy), and the other one is IVRO (intraoral vertical ramus osteotomy). These techniques differ in cutting areas of jaw bone and incision site. SSRO jaw surgery’s advantage is that there is no need for long period of tying mouth, and short chin can only be corrected with this method. On the other hand, IVRO jaw surgery requires long period of tying mouth, but the operation and recovery time is shorter, and there is almost no risk of nerve damage.

Jaw surgery makes a great change in people’s lives. However, it is complicated surgery, so make sure to find qualified surgeon to avoid any of the possible side effects.

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