Plastic Surgery In Korea - Mini V-line Surgery

Mini V-line surgery is plastic operation for square jaw reduction without resecting mandibular angles. It creates attractive V-line by making chin slimmer and pointier. As a result, mini V-line surgery does not only create oval shape of the face, but also corrects problems such as short, long, protruding or asymmetrical chin. Operation methods for each of these cases slightly differ.

Mini V-line surgery is done by means of T-osteotomy. Tip of lower jaw bone is resected and cut vertically. Part of the bone in the centre is removed, and remaining edges of chin are brought back together. After that chin is fixed to jaw bone with medical pins, and protruding parts of jaw bone above the chin are resected.

Mini V-line surgery creates new natural looking oval shape of the face. Operating site is located below sensory nerve line, so you do not have to worry about facial nerves damage. Mini V-line surgery is safe procedure with great cosmetic effect if done by qualified plastic surgeon.

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