Plastic Surgery In Korea - Double Jaw Surgery

Double jaw surgery is necessary to people with long face, protruding mouth, facial asymmetry or receding chin.

Double jaw surgery includes operating on both upper and lower jaw bones. They should be cut during operation, and then relocated to the right position. Fractured bones are fixed to the skull with medical pins. They can remain without causing any harm to body, or be removed after 6 months.

Double jaw surgery requires long recovery period. It is important to follow all pre-op and post-op precautions to avoid side effects and heal faster. Double jaw surgery affects occlusion so you will have to receive orthodontic treatment before or after the surgery. That is why it is more comfortable to do the surgery in plastic hospitals which have dentistry department. In most cases, you will need mouth tying, which creates certain limitations on eating, talking and even breathing. These days, however, no-tie double jaw surgery was introduced, and it does not require jaw fixation.

Double jaws surgery gives wonderful slimming effect on the face, and corrects biting. As a result, patients feel more satisfied with their looks, get better social life and become healthier. However, you should remember that this surgery bears serious risks, so you should find professionals who can provide you with successful outcome and safety.

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