Plastic Surgery In Korea - Overbite Jaw Surgery

Overbite jaw surgery aims at correcting the cause of the problem, which is receding chin. Malocclusion is both cosmetic and medical problem, so it is necessary to receive surgical treatment to solve it.

Overbite jaw surgery is at the intersection of plastic surgery and orthodontics. To correct malocclusion, it is necessary to do mandible surgery or double jaw surgery depending on the position of the upper jaw. If it is normal, professionals recommend to do SSRO. IVRO is not applicable to overbite jaw surgery. SSRO takes more time to recover and there is a risk of facial nerve damage, but you will not have to tie mouth for long period after it. When upper jaw is also affected, it is necessary to do double jaw surgery. It can be supported by chin advancement for the best cosmetic effect. Overbite jaw surgery is completed with orthodontic treatment that should be done before or after plastic operation. As a result, you will get better looks and healthy bite.

erbite jaw surgery requires combined work of plastic surgeon and orthodontist. You need to find the best medical team for successful outcome.

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